edouard the efficient
round cushion

Eliot is not afraid of standing out with his asymmetric seams though he can adjust to every room of your home. Eliot is a caring ottoman pouf that will offer extra seating to your guests when...

astrid the admirable
candle jar

Astrid is the little sister of Apollo. It lightens up interiors with class, moreover it performs just as well as a vase for fresh flowers. As Astrid is a natural romantic it cant help...

jonas the jovial

The range of pegs, a similar design to the coat rack with timeless lines and lighter style. Jonas stands out with his joyful mind and helpfulness: the trio of branches will hang as much...

hubert the humble

A range of revisited hangers, thought for the dresses of madam or the pants of mister.

It exists a universal version for family dressing. Hubert has this rebellious and innovative...

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