saintesprit concept came to us when we realized that most of the familiar devices to be found in our homes are standardized items whereas we consider it essential to know how our hearts respond to them.

saintesprit Home companions is for people who, like us, are convinced that the present trend is no longer in keeping with our need for artefacts with an emotional flavor.

Our range of items are home companions stiring deep and genuine emotions, arousing curiousity or fulfilling a well defined neeed.



After coming to the conclusion that pieces of furniture have often lost their emotional charge, she focused her research for her master’s degree on the soul and anima that can be suffused into them and the way a designer can help them find their true significance.

A passionate designer, she is convinced that she can turn ordinary items into a source of emotion. She launched saintesprit in 2014. She injects  her vision into her collection and makes choices based on her convictions.

She cooperates with woodcarving, weaving and composite materials specialists. They form a partnership shat shares the same  beliefs and convictions as the founder.