Ultraviolet pantone color

Here it is, the pantone color of 2018 has been announced! To be honest, ultraviolet is a strong color and integrating it in your home can scare more than one and for good (legitimate) reasons. Fortunately, we have found inspirational photographs to reassure you. As a matter of fact, the more you look at them the more you realize that using the potential of this kind of statement color gives you impressive results.

Even though ultraviolet doesn’t seem easy to use at first sight, it is a shade that has the advantage of being different. I mean you don’t see it everyday in people’s homes and that is also the beauty of it.

In order to use this shade, we first need to understand it. It is created from a mixture of blue and red which gives you a mix between a warm and a cold color. You can easily associate ultraviolet with green, yellow mustard or curry and you can always go for more classic tones like black grey or white which make a great combination as well for timeless and sophisticated interiors.

What is more, you can always paint a wall in the tone, but you also have other possibilities; you can accessorize so as to integrate the color with more nuance and discretion. This includes cushions, rugs, curtains, vases, blankets, sheets or anything you can think of, basically. For instance, an ultraviolet couch with yellow cushions has an unexpected and amazing result!

Another clever way to import it into your home is through art. Indeed, the dominant color of a painting can give a whole new direction to your interior design.

We kept the best part for the end of course: here is our favorite photograph. A bathroom with a rustic feel and wooden walls painted in ultraviolet with a copper bath, which is by the way an excellent combination. We love it!

Lauren Bruls